About Us

Equine Goddess
4560 Eddy Gatesville Parkway
Moody, TX 76557 USA

Our clients are Equestrians. They are fiercely loyal, athletic, and focused. They know how to speak “horse”; a silent language, which focuses on subtleties of mind, body, and movement. They ride a 1200 lb. animal with a mind of their own, and can suffer broken bones, falls and life-threatening injuries. However, no one would give up their passion. Our company mirrors these attributes, and we have proudly served the Equestrian World since 1998.

Bonnie M Wnenkowski has been a life-long lover of horses of all kinds. As part of the 1968 US Alternative Olympic Riding Team, she cemented this relationship. After 32 years at Bell Laboratories as a Lead Electronic Engineer on the Small Switch Project, Bonnie retired. Now living in Moody, Texas, she bought a section of land – now known as “The Ranch” and started boarding horses and giving lessons. It soon became apparent, that English Riding in Texas was an oddity, and finding tack and clothing was difficult for Bonnie and her clients. Equine Goddess was born out of this need in Central Texas in 1998. 

Genevie Ma'Yet, Bonnie’s youngest child, came into the business in 2010. An Environmental Specialist, she has worked for The City of Dallas and many other environmental companies. An active runner, she is also known for traveling to many destinations for a 50-k run. Always teaching and educating children, adults, and companies on the importance of the Environment, she has worked with Wal-Mart to improve environmental issues worldwide. She is currently back in school furthering her education with a Master's in Education.  Having been educated in Chicago, IL, Arlington, TX, Belgium, Italy and Germany, Gen has a world-wide perspective, and handles most of our buying arrangements with the world-wide companies.

 From our humble beginnings, Equine Goddess now has a large website, along with sales channels on Etsy, Ebay, Wish, Walmart, Shopify, and Shopatron. A mobile track trailer travels to many venues in the state. Still honoring the one-on-on customer approach, each customer is called or written to as a thank you, and of course given individual assistance when needed. The company is proud of its new Texas roots, and is active in community events, and any non-profit dealing with horses, children and or the veterans. 

 To explain our love for horses, watch our favorite Equestrian video Here