Thinline Sheepskin Comfort Half Pad

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Thinline Sheepskin Comfort Half Pad

Full Sheepskin Trifecta Correction Half Saddle Pad with Ultra ThinLine creates our top show pad.

Colors: White, Black, Dark Brown, and Natural. Small available in White and Dark Brown only.

  •  Ultra ThinLine over a high-quality quilted cotton half pad with luxurious merino wool sheepskin underneath
  •  Shimmable for customized saddle fit
  •  Provides 95% shock absorption
  •  Back protection for both horse and rider
  •  Reduces rider movement, clearing the way for closer, quieter communication
  •  Improves performance, allowing horses to lift their backs and move with more relaxation and suppleness

Available in Black, Dark Brown, Natural or White 

Sizes Small (15-16.5" Saddles), Medium (17 - 17.5" Saddles) and Large (Over 18" Saddles)

Small only available in Black, Dark Brown or White

Adjust Saddle fit with shock absorbing shims.