Thinline Full Sheepskin Dressage Square

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Thinline Full Sheepskin Dressage Square

Full Sheepskin Square Dressage Correction Saddle Pad

Reduces Rider Movement *Protects Backs * Creates Better Saddle Fit * Improves Performance 

  •  Shimmable for customized saddle fit
  • Provides 95% shock absorption
  • Contoured wither profile for comfort
  • Reduces rider movement, clearing the way for close, quiet communication
  • Ultimate in shock absorption and back protection for both you and your horse
  •  Breathable and anti-microbial
  •  Improves performance, allowing horses to lift their backs and move with more relaxation and suppleness
  •  Ultra ThinLine over the quilted cotton square pad with luxurious merino wool sheepskin under the panels and at the front roll creates the ultimate dressage pad

Available Colors Black, Navy and White