Mary Wanless New Ride With Your Mind Clinic - Rider Biomechanics

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New Ride With Your Mind Clinic - Rider Biomechanics

Another great book from Mary Wanless, dealing with Rider Biomechanics and how rider position affects the movement of the horse. For those of you who have also signed up with Mary's Dressage Training TV, this is a companion book, for the Rider Biomechanics seminars. This is the first book out in the series. The newest book is entitled: The New Anatomy of Rider Connection - which is also listed on our website.

In this book Mary explains how to:

Perfect Rider Position

Tone and condition Riding Muscles

Correct Asymmetry

Cultivate a winning mental attitude

Train Mind and body to learn new techniques or change old habits

Solve problems such as tipping forward, leaning back, hollowing or rounding the back and more.