Cool Heat Winter Combo Blanket

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Cool Heat Winter Combo Blanket How it works: Pilo erection is an important function in the process of thermal regulation. It is the horses ability to speed up heat loss from the body or increase heat retention using their hair follicles. Each individual hair follicle has a small muscle fiber attached to its base called the "arrector pili"and to dermal tissue on the other end. When the horse feels its body cooling in colder weather the arrector pili contract all at once and the hair follicles stand erect. As the heat is dissipating from the body it has to flow through these upright hair follicles which dramatically slows down heat loss and it also helps retain the body heat against the skin assisting to keep the animal warm. On the other hand, when the horse exercises or the day starts to warm up the arrector pili muscles relax and the hair follicles lie down allowing the horses body heat to quickly dissipate. This action allows the inner core body heat to quickly escape, aiding the cooling process. Traditional blankets flatten hair follicles. When the horse starts to feel cold or warm it cannot moderate its hair follicles. As with any muscles, they have to be continually active, otherwise atrophy (muscle wastage) occurs. If a human breaks their leg and is put in a cast for six weeks, when the cast is removed, the leg muscles have wasted away and intensive physiotherapy is required to restore the leg muscles to their original healthy condition. It is exactly the same situation for the arrector pili muscles which are continually flattened so eventually with long term blanketing the horse loses its natural ability to keep warm by raising and lowering its hair follicles. This atrophy to the arrector pili muscles affects the horses ability to protect itself in the rain as it can no longer wick moisture up off its skin through raising and lowering ite(TM)s hair follicles. The horse also loses its ability to lift sweat and condensation up off its skin, leading to overheating and skin conditions in warmer weather. The Cool Heat lifts the blanket 12mm or " up off the horses body which allows the hair follicles to function as nature intended, benefiting the long term health of the horse. This is an old concept made easier, cleaner & more effective. For ages people have been "thatching", which is to put a layer of straw in-between the horse and blanket, to provide the same results. Now you can thatch without the mess or extra task of having to clean your horse after "thatching" to prevent skin irritations. Advantages of the Cool Heat blanket are: Your horse can effectively regulate its own body temperature preventing overheating and chills caused by fluctuating weather conditions. After your horse is washed, but not dry, its hair can effectively lift, engaging the natural wicking action, which helps prevent chills and skin conditions. Allows air to circulate over the entire body, resulting in healthier skin. No more hassles of the time consuming practice of putting on and taking off multiple rugs. Irregular weather will not affect your horse. On a day that unexpectedly warms up your horse is allowed to sweat freely under the Cool Heat blanket. You can blanket a wet muddy horse as the mud will dry and fall away. 100% Waterproof/Breathable 1200 Denier Rip Stop Outer Shell Massaging Flexible Insulators Generous Shoulder Darts Larger Tail Guard Double Buckle Closures Hook & Loop Closure at the Chest. Body Contour Fit 3-In-1 Blanket For Cool, Warm or Wet days Blanket Sizes: 60, 63, 66, 69, 72, 75, 78 and 81 ME601 Small 60-66, ME602, Medium 69-75, ME603 Large 78-81