Cashel E-Z Knees

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Cashel E-Z Knees

This Cashel EZ Knee helps resolve knee and or hip pain experienced by many western riders.  This pain in the knee and or hip is caused by constant pressure where the fender is torquing the riders leg as it tries to return to it's normal position.  Now, thanks to Cashel's EZ knee you can stop the fender fight and relieve unnecessary pain in your knees and hips while you ride. EZ Knees are designed to change the position of your western stirrups to sit perpendicular to your horse instead of sideways. This allows your feet to rest in a more natural position with fender torque which can help eliminate pressure from the fender trying to rotate back to its normal position.  These are heavy duty adn constructed with 1/8 inch hand polished aluminum, they are rust-proof and durable.   

Sizes (measurement of stirrup fender width at bottom where it connects to your stirrup) 2 1/2 inch  or 3 inch.