Best Friend Have a Heart Muzzle Draft

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Best Friend Have a Heart Muzzle For those horses Houdini horses. Muzzle and halter in one. Breakaway feature. Breathable foam padding reduces rubbing. Draft, large horse, horse and cob size. Muzzle Size Fits Standard Grazing & Cribbing Muzzles(circumference x depth) Deluxe Grazing(circumference x depth) Mini Mini Average size minis 16" x 3" Available in Standard only Mini Larger miniatures, Shetlands and weanlings. 200-300 lbs. 18" x 3" 20" x 5" Pony Most average size ponies, mini donkeys and yearlings, very small faced horses. 300-500 lbs, 12 hands and under. 20" x 4" 22" x 5" Cob Large ponies, small horses such as Morgans, horses with small faces such as Arabians. 500-800 lbs, 13-14 hands. 22" x 5" 24" x 7" Horse Average size horses such as Quarter horses. 800 to 1100 lbs, 15-16 hands. 24" x 6" 26" x 7" Large Horse (Oversize) Warmbloods and large-faced horses, 1100 to 1600 lbs, 17 hands and over. 26" x 6" 28" x 8" Draft Very large breeds such as Percherons, Belgians, etc. Available in Deluxe only 30" x 8"