Best Friend Grazing Muzzle Plug

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Best Friend Grazing Muzzle Plug When eating must be completely restricted, use a Plug attachment with your Best Friend Grazing Muzzle. This will restrict virtually all eating while allowing your horse to drink freely. The Plug should only be used under supervised conditions. One size fits: Large Horse, Horse and Cob Size Grazing Muzzles To use: Release all nine straps. 1. Keeping the side with the stitched squares facing up, place the Plug in the bottom of the muzzle. 2. Insert the straps of the Plug through the openings between the vertical rubber straps around the bottom of the muzzle. 3. Loop the straps around the lower band of the muzzle and back to the inside of the muzzle. 4. Slip the ends of the straps between the two layers of the plug to fasten the Velcro.