Pessoa Pony

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Pessoa Pony Saddle for the Young Riders

Welcome to our website, where we offer a specially designed tree and panels that cater to the needs of all ponies, ensuring they have the best position both on the flat and over fences. The Pessoa product features a narrow twist, which is especially beneficial for the little ones, helping them maintain a proper position. The half deep seat, equipped with soft and supportive foam, promotes close contact and a natural riding posture. With minimal rigging under the leg, our design ensures close contact and proper leg positioning.

The Bayflex panels are meticulously crafted using Bayer medical grade memory foam, now even softer and more cushioned for enhanced comfort. The panel shape has been redesigned to create an optimal weight bearing surface, accommodating a variety of backs. The Pro Panel offers maximum weight distribution and excellent clearance, granting the horse pain-free range of motion and shoulder freedom. The foam density provides support while eliminating pressure points. Additionally, the lightweight carbon fiber tree flexes and moves with the horse's motion, ensuring a harmonious ride.

The Pessoa product also features the XCH gullet system, which comes with a Medium gullet plate. We offer gullet plates in various sizes, ranging from Narrow to XXX-Wide, allowing for customization based on your pony's specific needs. The saddle boasts a flat knee pad with Velcro blocks for added convenience. Lastly, our color option is Oakbark, providing a classic and stylish look.

At our website, we strive to provide the best riding equipment for ponies, focusing on their comfort and performance. Don't hesitate to explore our range of specially designed products and find the perfect fit for your pony.

Color OakBark

Flat knee pad with Velcro® blocks.

Available Flap Sizes: Long, Medium, Short