Vigor Liniment by Horse Grooming Solutions

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Vigor Liniment by Horse Grooming Solutions

Dazzling Clean & Invigorated.


What's not to like about this product?

All natural, made from  Green Soap, Oil of Sassafras, Oil of Wintergreen, Oil of Cedarwood, Oil of Rosemary, Oil of Thyme, and Juniper Oil.

Healthy HairCare Vigor Power Wash Cleans & Invigorates at the same time. A Powerful, Easy To Use Spray System. Wash & Rinse At The Turn Of A Switch! Our sprayer delivery system draws and delivers at a preset dilution ratio for A Perfect Wash Every Time!

Wash Bucket and Sponge Not Needed.

No Waste, No Mess, Less Work, Safer For the Environment, Easier.

More Economical. Up to 10 Washes or more per 32 oz.; Gallon Refill up to 64 washes or more.