Intense EQ The TEST!!!

Intense EQ The Test!

OK, just had to try this new product out on a pony at the ranch. We picked on Foxy our Rose Grey (more gray than rose)Connemara mare for the test. She had been out all winter, with hardly a gray hair showing through the mud.

Shampoo worked lovely on her. The scent was wonderful, the lather was full and luxurious. Left her coat clean, bright and with enough shine. The mane and tail, turned out fuller than I've ever seen. She has a floor length tail and it really added volume.

Next the conditioner on mane and tail. It was extremely easy too use, and took out some very, very nasty knots in the mane. I did use a little more than I would have with a product like EZ All or Cowboy Magic, but I liked the fact that it didn't leave your hands feeling oily. The tail and mane had some really nice extra shine to it, and they also didn't have any type of oil residue. 

Of course it rained the next day, and she's covered with mud again, but I did find I could groom her much easier with the conditioner added to her mane and tail.

So this receives a thumbs up from our test team.

Next - the test on humans!!! 

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